Mobile Invoicing – Even Locksmiths Need New Tools Too!

We all know the importance of locksmiths in our daily lives. The moment you realize that you left the keys to your house or office inside, you immediately grab your phone and call for their assistance.

Everywhere in the UK, you have different kinds and types of locksmiths who are more than willing to help you out in times of emergencies.
However, I bet you didn’t know that locksmiths also require some updating regarding specific tools as well.

For the everyday locksmith, their day job always consists of driving the company car or van out on the road while waiting for a call from any unlucky customer with lockout issues.
Their usual day always involves driving from one location to the other while helping customers with their home and business security concerns. So for the locksmith who was out all day to fix broken locks, having to deal with mountains of paperwork after a hard day’s work is not a welcome sight!

Paperwork always involves invoicing clients for payment on the services the locksmith did. And with the help of modern technology and mobile applications, the idea of working on those annoying paperwork while driving on the open road should help the locksmith save time and energy.

Nowadays, there are a lot of applications on mobile phones that can create, customize and send quotes, receipts, and invoices to a client while the locksmith is on the go. It makes the job easier for the locksmith to send the invoice instantly even after a job!

These applications don’t just help with invoicing and sending quotes and receipts; you can also create a planner and put a schedule for the entire regular and prospect clients for the day. This way, you can plan out your activity for the entire day, leaving you enough time to relax and unwind once you’re home.
Another advantage of using mobile invoicing is that once you’ve sent the invoice with the help of the app, this means the customer can also pay you quickly. There are tons of applications that have this particular feature. At Lockstar Locksmith’s they personally use Kashflow for their invoicing needs, They provide locksmith services in Solihull.

Even customers will appreciate the way you send your invoice because it’s quicker and it’s more organized, compared to sending a paper invoice. Before mobile invoicing applications were created, invoices were always on paper, and it is a constant pain for both the locksmith and the customer to keep sending and checking invoices from time to time. With mobile invoicing, receipts get sent at the push of a button on your mobile phone and presto, business is concluded, and the locksmith gets paid quickly.
For the locksmiths out there who is still relying on paper invoicing for getting paid, drop what you’re doing and invest in mobile invoicing instead. You can check for these applications on both Google Play and on the App Store for Apple. These applications can be downloaded for free, but if you want extra features for the mobile invoicing app, then you’ll need to pay a little extra.

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3 Ways To Market an Investment Company Through The Internet

Taking an investment company global is a task that requires a great deal of planning, preparation and skill. Companies like Schwab spend millions on online advertising and other forms of marketing to remain at the top of Google, at the front of people’s minds and to maintain their reputation as one of the top investment companies.
We are going to be taking a look at three different online marketing tactics that these investment companies use to stay at the top.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the art of optimising a website and building links from other websites in order to appear higher in search engines such as Google.
There are constant battles between financial businesses to appear higher in Google because the return on investment that they receive for doing so is extortionate.
A global number one ranking in Google for a term such as “investment company” could potentially bring in millions for the business that ranks for it.
For an example of an investment company that is using SEO to push their site higher up in the search engines, click this link – Offshore Mutual Funds.

Google AdWords

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of appearing naturally in the search engine’s organic listings, and Google AdWords involves paying for adverts that appear above and to the side of these organic listings.
You pay a certain price for each click that you receive to your website and it is a great way of testing the waters to see which keywords are going to perform well because the visitors to your site will start flowing almost instantly.

Social Media

Finally, social media is a great way to boost brand awareness and to also direct traffic straight to your website.
Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter are just a few examples of the social media platforms that these investment companies use to increase their online presence.
Most of them will create Facebook fan pages and run ads to both increase the number of fans to the page and also to direct traffic straight through to the site.
Linking in a content marketing strategy and tying that in with their social media efforts will substantially increase the results that they get from their efforts.
Also, don’t forget to check out this slightly off-topic but interesting video below. It is a real estate investing marketing plan.

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The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

With the possibilities of catastrophic events facing small businesses multiplying every day, it is more important than ever for SMEs to take necessary precautions and to plan effectively for business continuity. A critical step in this planning is the creation of a foolproof plan for protecting IT infrastructure. By having a well thought-out disaster recovery plan in place, small businesses will be able to bounce back from any serious hazards that may arise with far less disruption or potential lost revenue.

It’s a good thing overall that most businesses nowadays make use of advanced software and complex data storage devices. That being said, it is impossible to avoid occasional accidents or disasters, especially for businesses that may not have the same facilities as larger companies to prevent them. Such disasters could be a result of a hack on your computers or a terrorist attack, software corruption or server failure or even a simple computer virus or fire. They could be man-made or due to environmental causes, but when proper precautions are taken and the possibilities of such incidents are planned for ahead of time, the effects and loss remain are kept as minimal as possible.

A disaster recovery plan involves putting in place documents, procedures and best practices – often involving choosing the right solution for backing up critical data – to recover and protect small businesses’ IT setups, should a catastrophic event occur. There are many excellent benefits a small business can hope to receive with a proper plan in place. A good disaster recovery plan:


Putting in place a good disaster and recovery plan provides businesses with effective security for their important data. With the help of a reliable IT support partner, key staff in the business should write the plan, the procedures, do a risk assessment, document and then test the recovery plan.


A good recovery plan gives small businesses stability, ensuring there isn’t any loss of a vital data or pieces of work that could cause a handicap in the progress of business activities.

Save Money

When your business has planned effectively in the right way, a disaster recovery plan helps to save money which in the end gives the business a competitive edge as its strength in continuity would help it to get back on its feet financially that much quicker.

Prompt Response

A delayed response and recovery of a small business after a disastrous incident has the power to cripple the business and even shut it down. But when there is a plan and procedure in place, there won’t be any delay as what needs to be done is already known and then executed accordingly.

System Reliability

The plan gives small businesses a standby system to rely on if any incident occurs. Annual and even quarterly testing of the plan is also important to ensure all updates are intact, and to ensure the plan and procedure is not lagging behind as the business grows.

Reduces Legal Liabilities

A disaster recovery plan might just be the saving grace a business gets from the expensive cost of hiring an attorney and going through all the heart aches and pains, of settlements and court appearances.

Lowers Stress

Most of all, when a backup plan is put in place to cater for an unfortunate incident, reduced stress is one major things of importance small business owners could benefit from, which money can’t buy.
Overall, it can be seen from the above that taking the time to anticipate and prepare for the various kinds of events that could potentially cripple a business is well worth the effort.

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Manage Payroll Like A Big Business

Payroll is basically a list of a company’s employees and the amount of money they get paid. Managing a payroll could be a very daunting task especially for large firms. Small companies too need to understand the importance of a payroll in the day to day activities of the company. There are a few advantages that a good payroll brings such include:

  1. Happy employees therefore raising efficiency.
  2. Enough time to focus on other important activities.
  3. Ability to solve payroll related issues faster.
  4. Smooth running of the human resource department.
  5. Save time and extra expenses.
  6. Compliance with the law.

There are a few things that a business owner first needs to understand about payroll before being able to effectively and efficiently manage payroll and all the processes involved. Large businesses have definitely streamlined this process and therefore enjoy some of the few advantages as stated above. Here are a few things that small businesses should consider:

  1. Maintain current and accurate employee records.

Large companies are said to have a huge payroll because of the number of employees that they have. Although small firms have small payrolls, they may experience problems similar to large companies if these payrolls are not managed well. The first step in properly managing a payroll is definitely establishing the number of employees that your company has and defining current employees and discarding of those employees that may have left in one way or another. Having an accurate record of employees will ensure that you do not make payments off to people who are not in the payroll hence bringing down the costs and enhancing efficiency of the human resource department which may in turn reflect the success on the finance department.

  1. Understand what is taxable and what is not.

Before establishing a payroll you also need to understand the laws that govern taxation and other related obligations that your employees are tied to. You will need to understand what is taxable and what is not. Nearly all the money that an employee receives is considered as taxable income. You need to ensure that you follow these laws in order not to get into trouble with the relevant authorities. If your company is located in the UK, you can find some of the information on general regulations here:

  1. Stay on top of employee regulations and standards.

Each country has its own labour laws and standards that govern how employers and employees interact at the company and in running day to day activities of the company. Some of the regulations define things such as: additional payments, overtime, paid leaves and vacations among others. These are just some of the few things that an employer should keep in mind in order not to violate employee rights and avoid any sanctions or consequences.

  1. Understand difference between employee and independent contractor.

Most of the time businesses fail to differentiate between an independent contractor and an employee. Putting the two into one category could lead to raising your payroll and leading to loss. For instance an independent contractor cannot enjoy some of the benefits provided by the employer to the employee and such include employment insurance, benefits etc. An independent contractor is only paid dues that are defined in the contractor and after completing the task; he is no longer bound by contract and can work for another firm.

  1. Stay on top of end of year reporting.

End of year reporting is very important not only to the human resource department but also for the whole company. Reporting will define whether you are making any progress in terms of profit or otherwise. In order for a company to make profit, it needs to rely on all departments and make sure that they perform at their best. Having an efficient payroll therefore, is important in reducing costs that are related to human resource and the like and if a payroll is efficient it means that you save on expenses and these expenses can be tracked effectively by regular reporting.

Managing a payroll may sound like too much work to handle, it is an undeniable complex process but with the right personnel and technology in place, small businesses can afford to run an efficient payroll. However, most small companies prefer to outsource the payroll function. This will definitely accompany with it expenses that assist your payroll contractor to run your payroll. It is however, important to note that most small businesses are either start ups or small companies that are still climbing up the ladder of excellence therefore any extra expenses may lead to lowering profitability of the business and therefore may chose to manage their own payroll system. If this is the case with your business therefore here are a few additional important things that you should put into perspective in order to manage payroll like large companies.

  1. Designate someone whose main responsibility will be payroll

Most large companies today have one department that is specifically assigned the task of handling and managing payroll. These departments are referred to as human resource. Technology has seen the rise of such like departments in numerous companies and sometimes this task may hand down to the finance department. These departments may comprise of a single person but are commonly comprised of a number of people each performing a different task related to payroll. This is very effective as it ensures that the payroll is efficient and it ensures that the main business activity is not affected.

  1. Go to the cloud

If you are not able to outsource payroll, it would be best to find alternative payroll technology that will make it easier for you to manage. Such technology may be hosted on the provider’s server and you can access it at any time hence the cloud. This enables scheduling tasks, notifications and managing employee information etc. This will ensure that you comply with employment laws for instance you can visit the UK government website here and view some of laws that govern employer-employee interactions in the UK.

  1. Outsource payroll

As stated earlier, a few companies are opting to outsource payroll services. There are advantages that accompany this option such as peace of mind as you get time to run other activities of the business smoothly however, this is accompanied with costs that may dent your business but if you are not too convinced in running your own payroll system, then outsourcing is a viable option for your company.

If your company is located in the UK, you will need your payroll software to report to HM revenue and Customs (HMRC). The software will help you in tasks such as:

  • Recording your employees’ details
  • Working out your employees’ pay and deductions
  • Reporting payroll information to HMRC
  • Working out how much you need to pay HMRC
  • Calculating statutory pay (e.g. maternity or sick pay)

HMRC tests payroll software to check whether it can report PAYE information online and in real time (RTI). You may choose from free payroll software here: if you have fewer than 10 employees and paid-for software that has been tested and recognised by HRMC here: . You will however need to choose one that has features that match with your needs e.g. produce pay slips.

After exploring and examining these factors and more, you are now ready to either choose to manage your own payroll or outsource the function to specified providers. However, just for your own peace of mind, it is important to be familiar with the key concepts in order to ensure that your outsourced payroll provider is on top of all these details and handling this important functions properly.

Although managing your payroll yourself is always tempting, we would always recommend outsourcing to payroll providers, ensuring you concentrate on what your business does best.



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How To Master The Art Of Failure For Marketing

Marketing by a business is one of those elements that can bring with it unexplainable failure but you’ve probably heard all those inspiring quotes about failure like “embrace failure”, “we learn from failure”. These quotes actually happen to be true in a business context. Marketing is basically spreading the word about your business, your products or services to potential clients. There is no guarantee whatsoever, that people will quickly adopt your services or buy your products. Marketing will also consume a huge chunk of your business funds and sometimes even exceed the budget hence making failure in marketing a catastrophe for your business and its success. For this reasons, it is very important to be able to learn fast and adopt best practices in marketing.

One effective way of learning fast is definitely embracing failure. Failure is nodded to as a key stepping stone in the path toward success by thought leaders and business professionals alike. As the award winning author J.K Rowling puts it, “it is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all – in which case you fail by default.” Before you embrace failure it is important to first examine some of the lessons that have been derived from the common mistakes that most business owners make.

  1. Think expansively on whether your campaign will appeal to your audience.

Most of the time when developing marketing campaigns, people fail to put into perspective the audiences’ preferences. You cannot just create a marketing campaign out of the blue, you will need to put on the shoes of a prospective audience and imagine whether that particular advertisement would lead you to either buy a product or subscribe to a service. You may have plenty of cool ideas but sometimes they may all be ill timed for that particular campaign. You will need to clearly set objectives that you wish to accomplish with your campaign and failing to set objectives will most definitely lead to failure.

  1. Test your idea.

If you are a business owner, you probably have made the mistake of publishing a marketing campaign without testing it. Testing will probably expose a weakness in your campaign and you will get the chance to rectify it and avoid disappointments and wasting money and time. Testing your idea may involve publishing a similar campaign first on a smaller budget and observe the interaction that it engages.

  1. Learn from the best.

If you have run marketing campaign that previously failed, you would probably want to learn from the best and learn how they are succeeding. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from what other big brands are doing online. However, it is important to adopt only practices that are in line with your own interests, do not copy, people always appreciate originality.

  1. Be strategic about what channels you want to use to run your campaign.

It can be very tempting to run your campaign on multiple channels in order to get maximum visibility e.g. facebook, twitter, google+ etc but this in itself can lead to failure and loss. Some channels offer varying levels of visibility and quality of the audience. Some channels may offer audience that differs with your target audience hence leading to failure. You may however, choose content that can match each channel so that it seems rather natural or genuine than forced. The lesson here is: Before launching a campaign, create a sample piece of content for each channel you want to utilize and publish it on a test account. Be really critical while doing this; if it becomes clear that a certain channel won’t work––perhaps because the format feels awkward or the overall tone and style of that channel doesn’t jive with what you have in mind––then leave that channel out.

  1. Be clear about how you will measure success.

It is very important to be absolutely clear on what you want to achieve and how you will utilize each channel in order to meet your objectives. How well you utilize a channel will be defined by how well you track your campaign. Facebook, twitter and Google+ all have analytics sections that will effectively help you track the type of interactions that your advertisement attracts. You will also need to draft a short list of your objective and mark them appropriately after the target is reached.

These are just the few solutions to the common mistakes that most businesses make while running a marketing campaign. Mistakes lead to failure but learning from failure is one step in the right direction. Thanks to the technology today, anybody with a Smartphone is able to share his experiences and failures at the touch of a button and one is able to read how they solved their problems and how they eventually succeeded. This is just one of the numerous ways that one can get solutions to the previous mistakes they made. Adaptation in business is brought about by failure therefore it is not something that you should fear. However, excessive failure can bear very damaging effects especially on the business and financially. It is best to avoid failure in marketing by adopting a few lessons that will help in the success of your marketing campaign.

Making it work for marketing

If failure generates prestige for brands and people, why aren’t we all confessing our defeats from the rooftops? The answer is this – a good failure campaign has three main characteristics:

  • A modest tone
  • An example of failure that became a learning experience or step toward success
  • A long enough time after the failure that the mishap doesn’t affect the brand’s reputation currently

A prime example of good failure marketing is illustrated in the 2007 commercial that Nike aired on the failures of Michael Jordan.

There is good failure and there is embarrassing failure. It is important to draw the line on what exactly is acceptable in business; otherwise you may incur hefty losses and excessive failure. As a good entrepreneur, you will need to clearly state acceptable levels of failure in marketing and learn from your mistakes in order for your marketing campaign to be successful.

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Ways NOT To Impress A Recruiter

If you are an employed individual, you probably have gone through numerous interviews while trying to get a job. There are a lot of articles on the internet outlining the simple things that you almost overlook that can help you win over a recruiter. More often you don’t find articles detailing exactly what you should not do during an interview. These are the little things that a recruiter usually observes and uses to rate whether you are good enough for the position or not.

A recruiter serves the commitment to at least speak to each and every candidate and at times crosses paths with impressive individuals and at times very disappointing individuals. There are obviously a few elements that should stand out straight away if you are to impress a recruiter. A recruiter will first need to identify whether a candidate fits with the culture of the company and whether they convey a passion for what the company does.

Most importantly, a recruiter will also want to identify whether a particular candidate possesses the potential to take on the role that he would like hired for. A recruiter will also want to know what a candidate knows about the company and what they do therefore it is important for a candidate to do a bit of research on the company that he wishes to gain employment. This information is very important to the recruiter as they get to understand the individual they are interviewing in a very short time. There are probably hundreds of other applicants who applied for the same position who are similarly qualified so it is very important to impress the recruiter from the get go.

There is nothing a recruiter hates more than speaking with a dull applicant who seems as though they couldn’t care less about the opportunity. Most interviews today are conducted via phone calls or over the internet through video links, Google is known to apply video links as one of their interview methods, it is therefore important to look sharp and sound just a bit enthusiastic after all why wouldn’t you be? There are a lot of people who are still looking for a job therefore it is important to appreciate any opportunity that comes along.

You probably have an idea now of a few key things that you need to consider while attending an interview. There are other elements that will definitely put off your recruiter. It is important to examine these elements as well so that you do not repeat similar mistakes while attending an interview. Let us look at ways not to impress a recruiter:

  1. Candidates talk too much.

It is very important to understand that a recruiter does not have all day to sit and chit chat, they probably have spared a few hours off their main jobs in order to interview candidates therefore it is important to go straight to the point. For over the phone interviews, you will be considered by what you say. If an applicant has a negative attitude, little enthusiasm and lacks interpersonal skills, their impressive resume begins to lack merit.

In short:

  • Be polite and do not forget to thank your recruiter for the opportunity.
  • Listen first and then answer after you collect your thoughts.
  • Be excited and enthusiastic, do not sound dull.
  1. Having grammatical errors in your cover letter or resume.

Grammatical errors or other general errors will particularly send out a negative message about you. It will either depict your impatience or failure to go over your work. Employers do not like employees who do not handle their work skillfully. You may therefore need someone else to proof read your resume and you too need to go over your resume and cover letter several times in order to identify and eliminate any errors. Remember that your resume and cover letter is your first impression and the first impression is always the last.

  1. Candidates are over eager or not eager at all.

It is good to be enthusiastic and excited about an opportunity it is however, wrong to be over excited or over eager to get an opportunity. They say patience is a virtue and this is true because recruiters appreciate patience and it sends out a message that you will carry out your roles in a procedural manner. There is obviously a boundary between being patient and not eager at all. Do not just go silent and assume that for patience as it may be mistaken for your lack of interest. If a recruiter goes silent, they may have innocently forgotten, give them a reasonable amount of time and contact them when it is appropriate and politely inquire whatever concerns you may have. A follow up email or a follow up phone call will be appreciated.

  1. Not knowing anything about the company.

It is very frustrating for a recruiter and very embarrassing for a candidate when they do not remember anything about the position a candidate applied for or anything about the company’s operations. It is always appreciated by a recruiter when you remember the position you applied for and just the basic facts about the company that you are applying to. It shows that you are serious and it sets you apart from the rest of the applicants.

  1. Talking ill about a previous employer.

It is important for a candidate to note that employment does not last forever. You may shift from one company to another from time to time depending on the time in your career and sometimes you may find yourself back to a company that you had previously worked. Things change fast in the employment world. You should avoid negative comments about a previous employer as it sends out a negative message about your character and who knows? A recruiter might think you will go bad mouthing about their company as well after you part which is never god.

  1. Not knowing your market value.

Unfortunately, most candidates sell themselves short during interviews. It is all about the salary in the end and you have to know your worth and what is ideal for you in terms of salary. Most candidates also shoot themselves on the foot unknowingly by asking for too much in the end. A recruiter may depict you as greedy if you ask for too much and companies are always looking for upright characters to add to their team and this will not help your cause.

  1. Candidates fail to make a connection with the recruiter.

Candidates fail to make a connection with the recruiter and other candidates. It is important to establish some sort of connection with the recruiter and other candidates and show your interpersonal skills. A recruiter will want to choose a candidate that represents values similar to those of the company and the team. Every company needs a team player, someone that will get along with the rest of the employees.

These are just some of the common mistakes that candidates make during interviews. You will need to do your research extensively before you attend an interview and while you are at it you will want to learn a few facts about the position you are applying for and the company that you are applying to. I wish you all the best in your career.

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The Importance of Good Logo Design For Your Business

article banner copy

Logos are among the most essential aspects of business marketing. Being the company’s primary graphical representation, it anchors the business brand and is the most visible sign of the company in the target niche. Because of this, a well-created logo is an integral area of any overall business marketing scheme.

Logos are designed to serve as the face of a brand. They are considered as the graphical display of the unique characteristics of a business. Through the fonts, images and colors used in the logos, they provide vital information about the company that enables customers to distinguish its brand from the others. These logos are likewise a simple way of referring to the business in marketing and advertising materials; they also provide an anchor point for the different colors, design and font options in all other company marketing materials.

The design of your logo should be unique and easy to comprehend. Although there are lots of choices for visual effects, fonts and color, in general, the logo should help express some information about the company, or be designed in a manner that provides some sense of meaning regarding the business or its industry. For instance, tech companies and cutting-edge business usually have angular logos to show speed, while companies focusing on services have rounded logo to provide a sense of trust.

Establish Brand Identity

Logos are the main visual components of the business’ total brand identity. It is printed on the business cards and ads, stationery and websites. Because of this, a well-crafted logo is an essential factor to business success, while low quality logo displays amateurishness and pushes away potential customers. A logo should adhere well with other aspects of the business’ visual appearance. A substandard logo is surrounded by inconsistent graphical elements or fonts and is not helpful in small business branding. This is the reason why a logo is considered as the basic unit of a bigger brand identity that includes business colors, fonts and document-design guidelines. Even in small business branding, logo plays an essential role.

Increase Return on Investment

As the consumers trust, like and learn more about a particular brand, they may react positively if they see your logo more often. This can boost sales or enhance your consumers desire to share the information within the target niche. Also, a well-created logo translates to a higher degree of competence and professionalism that could encourage new clients to choose your business instead of a competitor with substandard logos.

Popular Mistakes

Small companies play it fast and lose with logos, giving less attention to their proper size and placing and surrounding the logo with materials – including clipart- that contend with them visually. Make sure that you will not re-create different kinds of logos for particular purposes or having the same, but not similar versions for print and online purposes.

Design Finished – What Next?

After your Logo has been applied to your website, the next step would be to get some Personalised Clothing for your workforce – now we’re coming up to the winter you’ll probably want some staff Printed Hoodies, our recommended supplier is –, but there are plenty locally throughout Lincolnshire & online!




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How to use Twitter for business

The first element, which makes twitter an essential application to develop your business on the internet is its ability to form and consolidate a network, whether it be locally or in your industry.

Network and become a leader in your industry

The main advantage of the platform is Twitter allows your customers to focus on one platform but more importantly provides the opportunity to find others. A way as any to come forward and to broaden its scope, especially when a new business / brand arrives on the network, users are eager to convey general information.

Tip: to inform your customers of your presence on Twitter, make sure your twitter URL is linking correctly on your website.

Strengthen your identity and web presence

If Twitter can be a good tool for an advertising campaign, you have to master the identity of your company and be sure to treat your footprint on the network. Properly complete your profile before any kind of action is therefore vital. To do this, go to the settings on your account by clicking on the “Settings” in the horizontal menu at the top.

– At first, go to the “Account” tab and follow the advice below:

– More info url”: enter the web address of your website. This field is almost essential if you want your contacts to move to your official website when viewing your profile.

– “Online bio” This field can be likened to your ID card. Try to be specific and note keywords that best define your business. It is a party that will then be indexed by search engines. Be careful though, because you are limited to 160 characters!

– “Location”: This section can be critical as some users sometimes seek contacts to follow close to home. Complete this field is strategically sound to attract new customers and find a local clientele.

– “Protect my tweets” we recommend that you do not tick this box. As a company, to be known faster members of Twitter, it is better to offer an open profile with free access and not “hide” behind a private profile.

– In a second step click on “Picture” and select a profile picture that best represents your business. Obviously if you have a logo does not hesitate to use it, it will identify you in the first glance.

– Thirdly, go to the “Design” tab. This option allows you to customize your Twitter page. Be sure that the color of your page is commensurate with the code of your site because it’s part of your digital identity. The best solution is to work with your designer to get the best results because you can add more important information (address, contacts etc.).

Interact and communicate in real time with your customers

Beyond the features and benefits that can make a company blog or Facebook profile, Twitter places considerable emphasis on real-time information and immediacy, with the aim to promote interaction with your contacts. In reality it is a great way to establish a dialogue with a customer. A great example of someone who is using twitter correctly and interacting with their audience is actually this nursery.

On Twitter you will be able to launch a survey in minutes to test a concept, product or measure and assess the level of customer satisfaction about one of your products by collecting feedback. You can also respond to messages from your followers, eventually solving their problems in private and why not start from time to time exclusive offers.

Failure to respond to user feedback and strengthens your brand. Share and relay links, articles, ideas will satisfy your contacts as they will have the opportunity to communicate directly with you.

In all cases, we recommend you to post messages regularly. Striking the right balance is important because post little or too much can hurt your image. But in any case, remember that an active profile, and attractive living is the number one key!

Recruit followers and generate leads

According to a study released by Twitter in 2013, 72% of members of the platform are more likely to buy products / services business after subscribing to their Twitter account, or having communicated with them on the social network.
73% of participants in this survey, the main factor Twitter account subscription to a brand is the opportunity to receive updates on new products and it offers. Justunfollow is a great tool to generate your following.

Good luck!



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